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To be a catalyst for positive change.


Enabling mid-sized companies to leverage change as a business asset for sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

Turn Change from a Challenge to an Advantage

Change may be challenging, yet when managed well, it can be a catalyst for accelerated business performance.

At James Egan & Company, our approach is anything but ordinary.  We bring 30 years of business management and change management expertise together to help companies change the way they manage change to turn change from a constant challenge into a competitive advantage.

We understand the current struggles business executive face trying to prioritize, manage and implement continuous and complex changes while also continuing to serve customers and deliver on their business performance targets.


We know firsthand that the traditional ways of managing change just won’t work in today’s fast-paced, complex, and continuously changing business environment.

So, to help the business world, we created a different kind of change management firm. One who helps clients turn change management from a challenge into a competitive advantage. 

We do that through two inter-connected ways:

  1. Helping integrate change management into your strategy planning and execution processes to drive accelerated and aligned business performance; and

  2. Helping embed change management principles, processes, and capability-building into your organization’s operating model and culture.

As a result, our clients thrive on change, create greater organizational agility, speed, and competitive advantage, and achieve accelerated growth and increased profitability.

With our unique blend of coaching, consulting, training and support, James Egan & Company is the premier choice for companies looking for a better way to manage change as a competitive advantage.

Partner with us and turn change from a current challenge into a sustainable competitive advantage today and for the future.

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Our journey began with the core belief that change management should be a competitive advantage for a company, seamlessly woven into the way a company plans and executes its business strategy.

Based on our 30+ years of business and change management experience, we recognized the need companies have today to change the way they change.

So, we created a new approach specifically designed to help mid-sized companies turn change from a current challenge into a competitive advantage.

When implemented, this integrated approach dramatically improves the organization’s performance, accelerates change ROI, increases organizational agility, and infuses advanced change capabilities into the company’s operating model and culture.

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Our Promise to Clients

Change for Growth
We believe change management can be a core and strategic business asset. As such, we strive to help empower organizations to leverage change as an opportunity for accelerated growth and competitive advantage.

We embrace the concept of "change for growth” where it’s not just about improving change effectiveness, it's about helping companies embed change as an integrated part of their business planning and execution model and building the change capability within their organization's talent and culture to create a more agile and change-enabled business.

Our Promise to our Community

Change for Good
Our company’s promise goes beyond helping companies turn change from a current challenge to a competitive advantage. To support our community and as a testament to our Christian beliefs, we pledge 10% of our sales to help local charities and non-profit organizations implement more effective change to improve the quality of life within our community

Our Services

Integrated Competitive Advantage

We help you integrate change management into your business strategy and execution, ensuring efficiency, effectiveness, and maximum ROI.

Coaching & Training

We equip your leaders and teams with the skills they need to lead and navigate through change while maintaining peak business performance

Sustainable Success

We focus on embedding change management capabilities into your company’s DNA for long-term success and ongoing competitive advantage

Community Impact

We extend our time, resources, and financial support to help our communities change for good.

  • Mid-sized companies struggle to efficiently manage complex changes, impacting business performance and customer satisfaction.

  • There is a lack of internal change management expertise that results in ineffective change implementations and minimal business results

  • Prioritizing and executing multiple change initiatives alongside daily operations can overwhelm leaders as well as company resources.


  • We integrate change management into your business model and strategic planning processes; streamlining change with execution to maximize change ROI and achieve business performance targets.

  • Our expert training equips your business to navigate change while maintaining operational excellence.

  • We help you identify and prioritize critical changes for optimal resource allocation and efficiency.


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